January 19, 2011

In order for Sleep Deprivation Still Looks Fresh

In the near future you have to deliver an important presentation. Because of that, you become less sleep. The impact is very visible at the bottom of the eye. For In order for Sleep Deprivation Still Looks Fresh How to cover it up? Try these tips:

Each expert beauty will always advise not to forget the facial moisturizer every day, especially after cleansing. When you feel less fresh face, apply a moisturizer in the morning with upward circular style face. This will help increase blood flow and add a little glow to the skin hue of dull and tired. Make sure you choose the right moisturizer to your skin type.

Beautify your eyes
Use a bright color eyeshadow on the eye, and can also invest in white eyeliner. Both with instant will make eyes look bigger with attractive colors and bright lighting. While the black eyeliner to make eyes look smaller than the original. Create a fresh eye to give the line on the upper and lower eyelids. This will make you look more bright and clear.

Cover the eye circles
If you have a blue eye circles, use a yellow concealer to cover it. If the color of dark circles tend to tan, look for the colored concealer foundation mauve or beige.

The skin needs nutrients vitamin C and E, and iron. Iron helps heal damaged skin and repair the top layer of skin, while vitamin C and E against the signs of aging. Find vitamins that provide these three things, ask your doctor about this.

The color on the lips
Use dye-colored lipstick that young and fresh to draw attention to the lips and away from the "scene" tired eyes.

Eye cream
The skin around the eyes is the thinnest skin, so it's important to give her hydration and moisturizing the area. Find a special eye cream area.

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