July 16, 2009

Fragrant, Spicy Clove Maluku

See clubs as a decoration on the cake nastar? In fact, this tiny spice not only used as decoration only, but also nutritious for health and also as a spice in use in dish. What are the benefits? Infonya see here!

During the feast, so clubs usually spice the most in the search. Used as cake decorations nastar, so similar, such as citrus fruit. But anyone suspected, that the spices this tiny store a myriad of benefits not only for cooking but the flavor is also good for health. Syzygium aromaticum or better known by the name of clubs have been known since long time ago. Results of the spice plantation in the area there are lots of Maluku is enough there are also many in Madagascar, India, and Sri Lanka. Spices used are the flowers bud already dried. Interest clubs have a very unique aroma, if bitten rasnya slightly tart, spicy. In West Sumatra have a drink called tea spices, and one of the materials used are these clubs. Perhaps he said, if we can chew clubs treat teeth that are sick. Use cegkih cuisine can also be on noo, just a curry, curry, setup, and also as pewangi on the cake dry and traditional cakes such as lapis legit and others. Perhaps because of its sharpness able to kill bacteria and bacterial causes of dental pain, in addition aromanya can remove mouth odor. Clove oil is also used to make medicines and perfume jga. Then, if in their own clubs usually used to mixed with tobacco in the cigarette industry. So that the clove aroma more durable, save in the case bertutup place in cool and dry. If the open in the summer and clove aroma akan easily lost.

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