August 8, 2009

Sampireun Village

Selling Spirit Back to the Village

Identical-star hotel with luxury goods, plus the convenience and service. Concept page. is very common and easily available everywhere. But the sale of accommodation, with the village setting, keramah-rural atmosphere tamahan native valve cool mountains of non-ordinary and easily found. That the owner, is able to capture the heart of the city kegalauan nostalgic village, boyhood dream, jajanan tempo DOELOE, basa and the whole-village tureen, which may have sirna from the rhythmic life of the city's jazz and rock. Not all the descendants of the noble people of the city, not all the descendants of the English city, some of them is the nCep, the Euis, human ulet from the village, which meniti career from the bottom and work dikota large. The businessman, charming view of the emerging urban market, the nature of the dream is still to play down sadarnya chantey field recordings, frogs and dredge up gemerisik sound bamboo stem, the nostalgic atmosphere of the village. But dollar for dollar flows downpours, making people smile all the villages and of course the master has the story. Press coverage of beauty, aroma smell land immediately attack the city, through the display glass and impressions newsprint. Celebrities berdecak amazed, OKB also do not want to lose, OK, if I have not nginap in Sampiruen. Hence, the bounce in popularity, acapkali tamu2 forced to bite the finger, I enjoy the opportunity kebagian. And people are willing queuing, set back a holiday schedule, for the availability of a room. The room is just a matter of secuil a holiday, but it is fact.
Eventually closed the door immediately, with "except for overnight guests." Not disangka2, a lake, bamboo raft and rumah2 simple timber, which tumbuhan2 harmony with nature, tiba2 become so popular, a dream many people, who willingly liburannya schedule is set, and asked to pay more, for a Nostalgia, which is very difficult to search padanannya , in the big city. No need to doubt again, about the uniqueness and beauty of the village. Boutique resort with thematic as it is now being digandrungi keluarga2 young city, who have the spirit to return to nature. Only a Cinangneng Resort Village, ciampea Bogor and Sukabumi in Situ Gunung. Resort is in the field, on the time Cisadane, scenic Mount Salak, the second leg at Gede Pangrango. Tempat2 page. keluarga2 frequently visited the city, get a new story, and how to plow the rice fields to plant rice. Not one of his ads mention, place the city back to the village. I boast a trend, I give added value for the village. Natural and rural environment, where people ran out of fuel fill the battery. Place all the findings and inspiration is born.

Sampireun village, located in Sukakarya village, 10km south of Garut (Samarang). To achieve through the narrow village road, a fairly dense, with many police sleep. Until a few kilometers you certainly do not feel confident, if you have the wrong direction. However, keragu2an page, sirna immediately, whereas a lot of gate-way is clearly the location you write dituju. Pupil eyes you soon changed, after entering the gate of it, there is a desert Oasis in front of the eye. Congratulations on the beautiful dream village far nan eyes. Oh fate, nu far in the desert sand.

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