August 22, 2009

Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler continues

Love Angeles sprout on site syuting. That is now happening on stage Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. Both enjoy their moment syuting movie 'The Bounty'.

Some time ago newspapers circulating that Brad Pitt is the widow made love with Gerard. Both were seen enjoying a romantic dinner. Now when the proximity of their continued surreptitiously time in the location syuting. Unconsciously, Jennifer looks comfortable with Gerard as vice versa. "We see them hold hands at a time, but Jennifer interesting hands again when the people pay attention," said a source quoted detikhot from Femalefirst.

Some time ago Jennifer make love with Bradley Cooper. But now men are even mengencani Rene Zellweger. Former paramour Vince Vaugh it did not want to think long and choose to remove Bradley. At least now he get actors'300 'in pelukannya. Their relationship is very relaxing and sweet. They look like just entering phase beginners to their relationship, it's very good.

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