August 11, 2009

koktail world championship

You cock meracik koktail? Or simply like it? Koktail alcoholic beverage is made from a mixture of various materials, usually drunk with ice and sugar. World championship meracik koktail until Tuesday (11 / 8) still take place in Berlin, Germany. In this championship, Bartender should not only clever koktail produce a delicious, but also are required to appear attractive.

Bartender must satisfy the clever its customers with a variety of attractions. For example, stone and glass bottles into the air or dance to swing music while meracik koktail a swing tongue. Stunning indeed, for they do so without worry broken.

Meracik koktail world championship is divided into several categories. Bartender categories such as classical, that is limited only to meramu koktail without having to be bothered doing dangerous attraction. In addition, there is also talent category that requires a Bartender meracik koktail while dance music accompanied the sound for five minutes.

Three judges in the things considered this is a championship appearance, aroma, taste and koktail. However, winning the world championship meracik koktail is not yet known. The final round will take place today at the Maritime Hotel Berlin. Final meracik koktail this 15 finalists will be followed. They are the best of the 100 participants who came from various parts of the world

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