August 7, 2009

Large bubbles by samsam bubbleman

You can not be angry with this big wand and some soapy water, no matter how long you huffed and puffed. The shimmering giant, thought to be the world's largest free-floating soap bubble, has been created with a snippet of rope between the top two bars and secret bubble solution. He is the work of 'bubbleologist' samsam Bubbleman, 37. Samsam (real name Sam Heath) is aiming to pop a Guinness World Record set in 2005 in Minnesota, USA, for bubbles of 105.4 cubic feet. He was not sure with the volume of the right efforts in Finsbury Park, North London, but stretched to 20ft by 5ft by 5ft with the largest.

He is now awaiting official confirmation. 'I believe that obliterated the former record,' he said. Samsam, described the creation, refused to reveal the recipe for bubble mixture, and said it is the secret to success. "With things the right things can make a big bubble with - a coat-hanger or even just your hands, 'he said. He developed a highly secret blend more than 20 years trial and error. Professional bubble-way has been described as' the Willy Wonka's Bubbles' by DJ Chris Evans.

Something like that from the 90's hit film The Abyss, samsam's incredible creation floated on the Finsbury Park, London. To create a giant orb he only used this piece of rope attached between two bars. 'It's all about bubbles have the right solution,' says samsam. "If you have the right mix of tools is not the problem. 'Being bubbleologist almost as much as a catcher on the wind because it is a bubble maker. You become very sensitive to changes in direction, and you must move in a timely manner to maintain the bubble together.

In November 2007 he successfully placed 50 people in one of the bubbles. A year later he was awarded a place for most of the bubbles in the bubble - 66. Samsam first began his love affair with the bubbles in 1989 and now living have to do what he loves best.

"This all started with just one bubble, 'he said.' I was sitting in a field and bubbles floated just past. 'I take the word of the object and just to see what it is. I captured my imagination and I just think what a remarkable thing. 'It's like one of those anomalies that are not only natural there should be. Bumblebee like that is too large for the wings.

He eventually formed a company and sell the mixture Bubbleinc, equipment and to indicate the name of a spectator. For many years he and his team of 10 bubbleologists was done to show the Dubai Royal family bubble. Stars such as Paul McCartney and Peter Gabriel has also brought him to show time. And it not only shows that the people to get in touch. Tory leader David Cameron, the DJ Norman Cook and REM singer Michael Stipe has all the web sites that are used to purchase equipment and create a bubble-mixture.

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