March 15, 2010

Human Tracking

One way to facilitate the electronic media for sale is given. In the bar code or a tattoo design on the face. Could not be reached before the sale can be examined by a tattoo with the scanner. It is not in digital computerized database of tattoos signs tattoo on a comparison with other functions that are stored to verify the identity of the buyer. After considering the sale of the buyer is authorized electronic debit from your account so that transactions are effected. Electronic services can be updated bank accounts.

This is a science fiction movie script? What happened, science fiction a few years can become a reality. Thomas W.. This is the essence of funds "Hester used to purchase art, patents are still pending. Patents bus (yes, the U.S. Patent Office website) and search for patent number: 5878155 You can not be found.

Welcome to Big Brother-Mart. There are more of a "conspiracy theory. Be" and the fact that U. S. The Patent Office was added to U.S. companies. If implemented, any activities which will meet each animal, each time from the airport or government buildings, to identify the user. Not very concerned that we videotape and take pictures several times a day from prying eyes. That is not tense enough that the new national identity card will be required in the near future for all types of business. They already know who you are, and the balance of your bank account and your personal data only to see the new tattoo.

If you are thinking: "Well, I am seeking information on one, right?" This time, there are GPS / RFID tracking of passports to the United States can be read from a distance of 21 meters. When the tattoo is right in front of naked people, and has a tattoo of the right to information technology nursing.

Place for the safe return if they were not planned, can verify this possibility. Identity is the truth. In recent years, they invaded the country. And expands the company in 2010, arranged in order of all countries. Barcode Tattoo is a reality and come.

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