March 13, 2010

Stop opening for Plantation Forests

Be achieved for 26 per cent reduction of carbon dioxide by 2020 to clear the forest for plantations should be restricted. Significant expansion of land or derelict land can be accepted over Indonesia.

Carbon emissions by six percent in the areas of energy waste management and 14 per cent, six per cent deduction for the management of forest areas. Forest fires or land that about 20 percent per year (hot spot) of the desired reduction in the number of hot spots.

Gene tech benefits or 9 elements of a social catastrophe, health, energy, water, climate, weather, ecology and biodiversity in agriculture should be included. Biodiversity research in this meeting, forestry and carbon sources in the Asia-Pacific regional cooperation to strengthen the long-expected

GEOSS main discussion in this seminar, the development of the course and remote sensing of climate change, biodiversity and water resources for use in the In jun as director of the Center. Climate change is a global problem affecting many countries in the world who have worked on these effects.

Lap an, the reduction of CO 2, after the former head of the determination of a true forest management can be achieved through. The role of satellite remote sensing for forest monitoring efforts led Indonesia away Lap an (detection).

These efforts have been invited to cooperate with Australia. Nationwide programs established carbon budget preparation. This year will be completed in Sumatra and Kalimantan.

Satellite data for the forest and the land, monitoring expert, and associated infrastructure is provided. Support an effective and accurate monitoring of the international network, however, demonstrate in Indonesia in the world, can help reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.
GEOSS seminar

Exchange in the Asia-Pacific Symposiums GEOSS as a container for the work of information to combat climate change and insights. Real results of the meeting in November in Beijing, China, it is recommended that the Ministerial Summit.

Among the countries members of this meeting is to strengthen international networks. Network is the coordination of monitoring national, regional and global networks to be built of land for the common good.

International cooperation in Earth observation sessions GEOSS capacity in the world is seeking solutions to environmental problems. International organizations and their members are involved in government activities and earth observation. There are nine natural disasters, health, energy, climate, water, travel GEOSS weather, ecology, agriculture and biodiversity.

Stop opening for Plantation Forests

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