July 19, 2009

Natural Beauty Secret

Beautiful nature, of the women who sought each. However, in day-daily, women make up the familiar. Unfortunately, the contents of chemicals commonly used in women's cosmetics. Chemicals used to help maintain the quality, conserve and improve the property from the cosmetics themselves. Use of appropriate chemicals (not dangerous) and in the right dose is one that needs an effective product to enhance your face.

However, the use of natural beauty can to minimize the side effects of chemicals. That is, at this time many cosmetic products that use organic materials. For natural beauty, you can use the materials in the kitchen or your home. Natural materials such as this, generally have few side effects which can also make you more beautiful without the cost. What are these materials? And what are the benefits?

You can use natural materials to make the following your grow naturally beautiful course and well-preserved with a simple and natural :
  • Honey
Honey to savor the beauty already known since long. Honey helpful to moisten the skin and reduce skin irritation affected. Smear honey on the lips will also melembapkan lips so that you avoid lip broken in pieces.
  • Aloe Vera
Many people use aloe vera to get the hair black and luxuriant. Mucus in the aloe vera can prevent the liquid from the skin out quickly so that the skin can kelembapan awake. The resulting sense of cool aloe vera are also useful to treat burns.
  • Green Tea
Pollution is one of the causes of kerusakkan skin. To prevent this, you can consume 6 glass of green tea a day. Green tea contains many antioxidants substances. Using green tea can be trusted to protect the skin from free radicals that come from food or pollution so that it can prevent wrinkles on the skin.
  • Avocado
Avocado fruit is fruit that is rich benefits. Gynecology vitamin E found in fruit is used to pelembut and natural moisturizer for the face. You can also use an avocado for dry damp hair.
  • Ginger
Ginger has many uses in the field of health. However, the ginger is also useful for the beauty. Warm feeling that ginger can be obtained from the smooth blood circulation and tighten skin so that you can make your face more beautiful. You can also prevent the occurrence of stretchmarks with grated ginger using the rub. In the use of ginger to the skin, you should first dites that do not occur on the skin irritation.
  • Coffee
Apart from being a delicious drink, coffee can be used as a scrub to refine the skin.
  • Coconut
For you who have problem skin, dry hair or dry, using the coconut can be a solution. Is processed into coconut virgin coconut oil (VCO) has a womb laurat acid that functions as a high antibakteri.
  • Wine
Gynecology seeds and wine grape skin is rich in antioxidants. Wine so beneficial to improve elasticity and protect skin from damage due to ultraviolet rays. Wine contains linoleic and Polyphenols which can prevent the occurrence of wrinkling and serves as a natural anti-aging.
  • Soybean Nuts
Benefits of soy nuts for health and beauty that is there is no doubt. Soybean can be used to mencerahkan skin. While for the hair, soybeans may prevent the hair is dry and not so easily regulated.
  • Lemon
Lemon is often used as antibakteri to face so that it can prevent the occurrence of whelk. You can also remove the dry skin on the heel, elbow or knee with a scrape on the part lemon. If your sensitive skin, try to use them behind the ear to see if your skin allergy or not.
  • Brown
In addition to a snack that is very tune, the other benefits that make a beautiful brown. For example, the mask has a brown leather for many benefits, such as working to maintain softness, melembapkan, tighten and refine skin. Brown can also slow the penuaan on the skin, including to prevent wrinkling in the face.
  • Papaya
With the use of papaya fruit enzin contains papain, you can raise the dead layer of skin on the surface of the skin, eliminate flek black color and smooth skin. Papaya contains a lot of vitamin A and vitamin C that act as antioxidants.
  • Lavender
Interest is the material basis for aromatherapy can calm the mind. For the skin, lavender can increase cell regeneration and kill the bacteria causes pimplez
  • Mawar
Beautiful flower is the symbol of love can be used as a working astrigent to decrease pore-pore and reduce the oil on the face. Using oil rose melembapkan can face and reduce the redness in the face.
  • Olive oil
You can use olive oil, because oil from the womb melembutkan and this can make the skin more elastic.
  • Sesame oil
Besides its function untk cooking, this oil works to refine and melembutkan skin, hair or nails broken in pieces.
  • Strawberry
In addition to becoming a tasty fruit is eaten as well as a delicious juice, strawberry is also useful to prevent the skin to become dull. Strawberry fruit containing acid salisilat a very good for your skin. In addition, substance antioksidannya help improve skin damage due to the surrounding environment that is not good. This acid can also decrease pore-pore and mencerahkan our skin. One that you can do is use the strawberry mask.
Many who are not natural for you to provide naturally beautiful? Nature has provided many benefits to adding natural beauty. Therefore, we should have practice in responsible and caring.

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