July 17, 2009

Satellites Can Discover Spot Tsunami

Sophistication satellites also can detect seemingly dots location tsunami. Scientists rate, the latest results of this study can serve as a reference in a better early warning system before the tsunami occurred. In this study, the researchers observed the image back in the Indian Ocean satellite record of events tsunami in Aceh, Thailand, and Sri Lanka in 2004. In the picture, they found the existence of a particular pattern that the waters in the area. "We find there is a certain pattern in the surface water generated by pressure from the great strength of the tsunami that occurred along the water," said Oleg Godin's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder, Colorado, as quoted from Reuters. "This is the first time we can see the distribution pattern of a tsunami akan way to monitor sea through satellite images," he added.

Since great tsunami occurred in Indonesia back in 2004, many countries compete to develop tsunami early warning system that can at least minimize the number of victims. This system is still due to be developed at this time still not a perfect system. Terkendala mainly because this system can not be placed anywhere. While this far, experts mengkalim system using satellite tsunami pendeteksi can overcome these obstacles. Other advantages, the scope of the monitoring satellite can cover an area that is very knowledgeable in all parts of the world.

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