July 18, 2009

Enchain Beautiful Eye's

Is the face of the most observed. Feeling that one can be seen from the eyes gaze so that this organ is called the window heart. The eye is the beautiful part of the attraction for a woman's appearance, that is why in the face make up, eye trappings usually takes most time. However, the eyes also have many problems that can not make a fresh face. That is, you must treat heart this window as well as possible.

Problems In The Eye
Appearance of your eye must be maintained to remain attractive and beautiful. Eyes can convey many things, including your personality. Therefore, Anallise problems that occur in the eye if you start does not look interesting. Some of the problems that commonly occur on the eye, among others, are described below.
  • Black Circle
One of the factors because it is the offspring, while the cause is not avoided because of age. As age increased, the circle around the eyes disappear. Poor sleep can also cause the occurrence of a black circle, or pollution and stress.
  • Eye bag
The bag is actually fat or body fluids that can not be removed completely. This is enough to make the eye visible because of swelling.
  • Contraction
The main increase is due to the age of the fetus resulted in a lack of collagen and reduces skin elasticity. Despite the biological age of someone not yet old, but penuaan can occur early on anyone. The cause is excessive sun and dehydration.
Beautiful Eyes
After knowing some of the problems that occur on the eye, then how do you keep your eyes appear interesting? To avoid problems of appearance and to keep eyes fixed berbinar, you can perform a variety of prevention and treatment for the eye. Treatment and can be easily done at home. Here are some tips to make the beauty still beautiful.
  • Clean the eyes of cosmetics before sleep
If not cleaned, the rest of the cosmetics akan clog pore-pore. To clean the eye, you should use a special cleaning of the eye, because the eyes have a more sensitive than the other face. Or use up to pure susu. After that, the cream eye drops that will help treat the eyes at night.
  • Protect eyes from the sun
When activity in the afternoon outside the room, be sure to use sun screen or use the eye gel for the eyes to refresh. Should, use the glasses to protect from ultraviolet rays, or use an umbrella or a hat.
  • Enough drinking water white
This can prevent the occurrence of dehydration, which means you can prevent the occurrence of wrinkles in the eye.
  • Consumption of fruit and vegetables
Mineral content, vitamin nutrition in the fruit is useful for the beauty of the eyes, as are helpful for skin and body health. Specifically, the actual vitamin C in fruits or vegetables can help the formation of collagen increase the elasticity of the eye.
  • Avoid eye to rinse
When that dirty hands are used to rinse the eyes, this can cause eye irritation.
  • Compress the
Compress using snippet or mentimun potatoes for 10 minutes is useful to reduce the black circle. To facilitate the circulation of blood in the eyes, the eyes can be compressed using the ice and be smeared around the eyes. As antiseptic for the eye, enter the betel leaf in hot water, and let steam about your eyes.
After the treatment, see also habit you every day because of bad habits that one can quickly elagi early old age. Among others, smoking habits, stress, lack of sleep, or allergic to certain cosmetics. Note also the expiration date of a cosmetic that does not experience irritation. Eye can communicate our attitudes and emotions. Eye can indicate shock or fear. Even the eyes can reflect the emotion or feeling of affection. Sometimes, the eyes can express doubt or pain. Eyes can speak. Hence, make your eyes become beautiful eyes that mesmerize.

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