July 18, 2009

U.S. Ready to Help in The Fght Against Terrorist Indonesia

United States (U.S.), affirming its commitment to help Indonesia fight terrorism following a bomb explosion incident in the Hotel JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton. U.S. is also ready to help Indonesia overcome the impact caused by this incident. "We will continue to cooperate with Indonesia to eliminate the threat of extremist violence, and we will remain faithful in the future to support the creation of a safe and prosperous for all people of Indonesia," President Barack Obama in the release of the published U.S. Embassy in Jakarta.

Obama condemns actions of terror that has killed 8 people and injure dozens of other people. Indonesia, Obama said, is always consistent in the war effort against terrorism and has been successfully pressing crime of terrorism in their region.

"United States of assisting the people standing in the time which is difficult as this, and the U.S. Government is always ready to assist the Government of Indonesia and the rise to recover from this attack is despicable as friends and partners," Obama firmly.

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