August 6, 2009

Tips Stres In The Office

Accumulate in the office working to make sure stress. But would not want to, we need to complete the work if the boss does not want to rage, or even the sack. But to imagine this work is to create stress, let alone have it. Here are some tips in order to reduce the stress in the office. The first stop should be done is complain. If we continue to complain that without a job soon, so that there is a job that will accumulate and increase the burden of our minds. To start this work, we can make a priority with the preface that the work is more important and the deadline is closest. Attempt to keep having positive thoughts. Thus, we will remain rileks. Do not forget to use the rest time as well as possible, so that the body remains fresh. Eat nutritious foods. Fruits can also help reduce stress. Feed enough nutritious food that we can make the brain work harder than usual. If you can go home on time and overtime are not, use the time to go home and rest enough.

Overcoming Stress While accumulate Jobs
This is indeed unavoidable. But remember that health is the most important, because the mind is tense can damage your health. Rather than continue to feel depressed you with this, you can do so the following tips can reduce the burden of thought.

Stop complain
If we continue to just complain about the job we thought we would be depressed and will not work also is not finished? Try looking a little positive value that can be taken, just consider this study as a means for you. Or think about things that will be interesting when you do receive salaries.

Determine priorities
Indeed, we can not do the job all at once, then specify where the former is more important and must be completed. Do not think of another job, because you will create a concentration subject to slow and more work done.

Stay and rest rileks
You Sesibuk any, at day break, use the most of the time to relax. When possible, use your break time to sleep at least 15 minutes. This can make your body and mind more fresh.

Eat nutritious food
Do not forget to keep your attention to food nutrition in order to remain tercukupi. Adequate nutrition can make the body more healthy and vibrant. Keep consume enough fruit.

Return on time
If the job can be done tomorrow and you are not required overtime, return on time. This will help you get more time to relax and unwind with the family.

Requested leave and refreshing
When you are very tired, try to ask your leave. Use your vacation to visit the places you like, such as roads to the mountains or the beach. When possible, Engage children or your family to vacation together.

Find another job
This is one of the options if you feel it is not longer perform your job. Try to find another job that is different and you like. But first consider this case with previously cooked.

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