September 9, 2009

Claudia Schiffer Open-opening in Tank

Comeliness Angeles model Claudia Schiffer's body was still awake at that age have reached the end of the 30s. Because of her sexuality, Schiffer was still feasible to pose open-opener.

Pose open-opener that he did in a magazine called 'Tank'. Detikhot quotes from Egostatic, Schiffer looked relaxed pose wearing only underwear and jeans only.

He covered his bare chest with both hands, while giving a sexy look. On the other poses, a former lover magician David Cooperfield was performed with a green dress and black dress transparent. Naked body looks so dreamy.

Former supermodel from Germany was also doing some poses with the use of sexy lingerie. While still using photoshop help to refine the pose, but still looks practically chiffer still excellent.

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