September 6, 2009

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt lock lips on the dance

The American socialite sent flashbulbs popping at a party on board fashion designer Alberta Ferretti's yacht in a display of amorous abandon with her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt

The pair were pictured by a Mail photographer kissing passionately on the dancefloor as the party - to celebrate Nicholas Cage's new film Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans - carried on into the early hours.

The couple seemed to be playing up to the cameras with an elaborate display of affection for one another.

But not everyone on board was getting on so well.

As our pictures show, former Spice Girl Mel B can be seen in the background having a row with her husband of two years Stephen Belafonte.

Scary Spice lived up to her name when she got upset after Belafonte complimented another party-goer on her appearance.

Words were exchanged between the couple on the dancefloor. And as these pictures show, Mel forcefully pushed Stephen away. The pair left soon after.

The incident was a small blemish in an otherwise fabulous party which went on until after 3am.

Cage sadly only stayed for a short while though his co-star Eva Mendes stuck it out rather longer, valiantly batting off male attention throughout the evening.

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