December 16, 2009

Yogi World Support Global Warming Issues

Hundreds of yogis (people who advanced yoga; expert / teacher of yoga) from various countries around the world, who participated in the International Festival of Yoga in Bali, will contribute ideas in the face of global warming.

"The yogi who came from India, Europe, United States, and countries in Asia will provide a solution, what should be done facing humanity is global warming," said Chairman of Bali-India Foundation Dr. Somvir in Denpasar,

The yogis also with how each will perform a maximum effort so that global warming is not fatal. Bali-India International Yoga Festival will be held in the Island of the Gods, 3-10 March 2010, involving about 1,500 yogis from abroad. International activities of this second time, one of whom discussions of yogis and scholars to find solutions against global warming.

These activities to be held in Banjar Gunung Sari, Desa Tegal Linggah, Sukasada District, Buleleng District, Bali north, 80 km north of Denpasar. The human race has been to respect mother earth (ground). For that obligation and the responsibility to preserve the environment, greening movement and avoid the construction of storey buildings. Every inch of land should be planted that could provide benefits to human life or save the world and its contents.

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