December 23, 2009

Damaged power Abandoned Sea Front

The increase in paras sea level due to global warming, soil degradation, and other effects limited millimeters per year is still often underestimated, so the damage to be ignored too. In fact, the impact of widespread damage, reaching a height of 50 times, 200 times increase in sea level that paras. "Power paras damaged by sea level rise rather than vertical, but horizontal. We are not impressed though sea level rise estimates in various parts of Indonesia is only 3-5 millimeters per year, "said Head of Gravity Field and tides on Coordination Agency National Survey and Mapping Parluhutan Manurung.

Parluhutan said, the damage reached the coast 50 times, 200 times the sea level rise based on the theory Brun. If the predicted sea-level enaikan k 3 millimeters per year, the risk of damage to coastal areas at a height of 150 millimeters, 600 millimeters (0.15 feet-0, 6 meters).
"The increase in sea level paras 3 millimeters per year is very small. However, in a year could be up to the destruction of coastal areas with an altitude of 0.6 meters. This risk is still not accounted for, "said Parluhutan.

Such destructive force, according to him, due to gerusan higher waves and cause abrasion. Actually, the damage can be calculated to determine measures of adaptation and mitigation.
Destructive force is also affected coastal conditions. The beach is still protected by a good mangrove zone smaller risk. "The effect Brun's theory is the concern of small island nations," said Parluhutan.

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