December 25, 2009

Why Students in England are interested in Mandarin?

The growth of China as a world economic power makes a lot of people interested in learning Mandarin. Interest in teaching Mandarin among young people is also growing in the UK.

The British government rate, every teenager should have English already had the opportunity to learn Mandarin. It was concerned with the growing importance of China in world economic power.

Currently, one in seven secondary schools in England, which teaches students aged 11-16 years, offering Mandarin lessons. In fact, School Secretary Ed Balls said the strengthening of Mandarin education will be made by partnering with other schools.

"In this decade of cooperation with the countries that started strong economy, as China becomes more important. Therefore, people must be equipped with the necessary skills, and the British business world it needed the cooperation of China deng in order to succeed in a rapidly changing world, "Ed said.

Therefore, students in secondary education can choose Mandarin, either at school or in their neighborhood school or in college.

Based on the published polls CBI business lobby group in the UK last year, the company liked the staff who have the ability to speak Mandarin. Mentioned, as many as 38 percent of companies looking for workers who can speak Mandarin or Cantonese, as much as 52 percent of the French language, and 43 percent German.

Based on test results in English GCSEs last year, tests must be followed 16-year-old student, as many as 3469 participants taking Mandarin. That number increased 16 percent from the previous year. The number is expected to continue to increase in coming years.

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