January 13, 2010

Kick Prevent Flu

Influenza can be prevented properly classified as a disease. Many cases of influenza, which should not suffer just because of neglect or do not know how to prevent it. Not easy to think the flu. Especially for the elderly, the flu is usually more difficult if only young people. Moreover, because their immune system into older age, more and more declining, the type of flu virus that enters the body, is not necessarily the same thing.

We know for three major types of influenza virus (A, B and C for each type there are so many members of his family. H5N1 virus of bird flu, for example, belong to large families type of influenza H3N2 also recognize that our -- virus strain (Shandong and Beijing), H1N1 (Texas Singapore) and many others, in addition to Panama and Type B Yamagata. Families of all types of influenza virus was not the level of temperament cruel him. They are benign, some are very malicious. Common flu, the population of Europe, for example, unlike in Indonesia, are classified generally a cycle of influenza virus, and often fatal. Influenza of the early twentieth century in Spain, swallowing hundreds of thousands.

Since not all viruses, including influenza virus, the meaning drugs, the ultimate key to preventing the flu virus still has only two ways, namely by increasing the immune system and reduce the chances of the virus in the body. Some tips, like flu, which threatens the rainy season, only to us. What should I do? Ask for the flu. For older people are encouraged to get flu shots flu vaccine next season. However, it can not prevent all types of influenza virus vaccine.

Periodically improved flu vaccine for the types of vaccines by the type of flu virus that caused the plague. But with various viruses, often by viral escape from the efforts, so different types of influenza strains is what. Do not forget the possibility to change the nature of the virus (mutation) to allow vaccine not strong. Stay away from cold exposure. People call western cold or flu or cold exposure. In fact, as increasing the body was very cold (air, water, bathroom, refrigerator, cold drinks), the wind, the weaker the resistance of the body more vulnerable to a virus easily (if any). We know the virus can be contained only pathogens, based on endurance. If the resistance decreases, the defense of the body injured, not the flu or other viral diseases may be infected. Only when the body's natural defense is strong, the virus must remove the body invaded people fall on the flu. This is the only body flu virus itself, and antibiotics on the board, the most powerful among them is unnecessary, because the virus can be suppressed by antibiotic type generation. There's no point to continue spending on unnecessary body Antibiotics adversely affected his spending.

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