January 30, 2010

Snail First Half of Corporate Half Fauna Flora

Apparently half of the body with the sea creatures in this first half of the animals and plants snails. This allows you to produce a plant pigment chlorophyll newly discovered snail. Scientists can eat algae produce chlorophyll, the estimates of these genes have skillfully stolen snails. "Gene conversion of sunlight into energy," it berfotosintesis, theft and plant processes.

Can energy-containing molecules without eating these animals. January 2010 seven days at the annual meeting of the European integration process and Comparative Biology in Seattle, gives the results. This result we were able for the first time and reported in the journal Science. This may be the first multicellular chlorophyll formation. This sea cucumber in New England and Canada, which lives in salt marshes. In addition, "" create the green pigment chlorophyll, these animals are stolen from a small part of the leaf cells, genes known to steal and is used to carry out photosynthesis. The energy of the chlorophyll in the chloroplasts, so that the plants need the energy to eat these animals will not walk receive the light energy from the sun.

We collected the number of these animals, a month into the tank per day for 12 hours (without food), until the lights can survive on. The researchers, these snails, in fact, produce chlorophyll, and is not to steal, to ensure that the algae used in pigments, radioactive tracers. May, in fact, as the genetic material of these snails in the perfect send to the next generation.

Said: "Even if you produce a chlorophyll themselves," stolen children snail gene, "" Even if you do not allow it to steal enough berfotosintesis chloroplasts before it enough to eat the algae. So far, they could not have their own kloroplasnya. It was a surprising success of the worm, scientists are sure that you have not already, this animal, you need to select the genes. Maybe some kind of a different kind of DNA can be proved by the inputs for this type of snail. However, this mechanism is not yet known.

Snail First Half of Corporate Half Fauna Flora

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