February 20, 2010

Vitamin D Reduces

Lack of vitamin D in patients with asthma experience worsening of asthma. In the absence of this vitamin for the treatment of steroids and asthma control blocks of reaction are often expected to have a lawyer. In his research, which measured at National Jewish Health (NJH), researchers in Denver in 50 patients with asthma, levels of vitamin D and lung reactions most Airways, British Airways is generally short-evaluated, and treatment with steroids for the reactions. Of course, patients have shown that vitamin D deficiency and examination Airways excessive reaction of the lung are poorly. In addition, 30 anagrams / ml vitamin D levels Airways overreaction in the body below the level on which the patients with vitamin D in their blood were more than doubled.

Low levels of vitamin D treatment with steroids and placed on pro-inflammatory cytokines, TNF-alpha production is associated with increased response to the bad connection. It is likely that increasing levels of vitamin D, increases with inflammation of the lower airways are connected, the researchers said. Moreover, levels of vitamin D to predict how well someone responds to steroids to treat asthma. One possibility is that because vitamin E, which is consistent with asthma, there was a steroid Response Modifiers D works. Participants in the lowest levels of vitamin D is the worst, "he said. Asthma linked to obesity and lack of vitamin D factor could these two situations, Sutherland. People with asthma may contribute to the normal level of vitamin D improve their asthma. However, it is known that the amount of vitamin D to help people with asthma. 300 IU for adults, 600 IU of vitamin D levels is recommended, depending on age, said the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

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