March 21, 2010

Global Warming Climate Change

Problem of global warming has become a big problem, but the way you can resolve was surprised. They include not only the symptoms, what kind of solved once and for all.

For true success, as a result of the climate conference in Copenhagen, December 6, 2009 in 18 years instead came as a conjecture. Many influential people to take action to reverse climate change debate called difficult to perform high temperatures.

Direct result of the conference is incredible!

This is the problem of global warming is not always difficult. Ask almost anyone in the general public, and they will tell you they have seen, definitely a change. In fact, I'm talking on the phone a week and a man who has lived in India, if other countries wanted to know, which is a problem with churches in the area of Copenhagen with later, I saw that he believes that global warming is real . He said: "Yes, I know it's time these days, when I was young, hot."

Back to what has been completed. Just a day after the Copenhagen conference, Washington, DC, buried in the snow, a record level. But is not the end of the 6th February, 2010, "according to the National Weather Service snow ... it is hard [28 inch drop onto the plate] in January 1922."

In another case on January 10 a month after the conference, Houston, Texas, set ... Breaks the old record of "cold" was founded in 1897. "Well, MSNBC said January 11 in Miami, FL beat the record of 82 years ago.

But it is not, because Europe is experiencing climate change conference. We have seen temperatures of the planet, 100 years after the age of 80 passenger cars and the like, which came before the rise in global average temperature conditions leading to this disaster. General, as the world record cold and snow seen in December 17th.2009.

If there is sufficient evidence, look at them. They call it "global warming" is replaced with a "climate change, so that in the history of the world that we live in every season.

They finally solved the problem! And I think that should receive praise. They do it in the end - the weather was a normal phone.

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