March 30, 2010

Love Forbidden Woods-Joslyn Make Elin Really Destroyed

Allen and his works very disappointed Nordegren, Tiger Woods was hit by. Why not, since the families they married on October 5 Are the ark, and should be thrown and the fall of 2004 will be on the verge of torture simply because Woods.

(For a 34 year old golfer) is engaged in sex for more than a dozen women. After a car accident in November Woods scandal in late November 2009 was in the front.

One wife, because a lot of woods will be detrimental to the yen. Although Woods could not forgive, Sweden and the most painful (32 years), old woman porn star because he was loved Jocelyn James refused repeatedly slept "with" is.

According to the source and the love stories Jocelyn Woods, Allen knows a spirit completely broken. In addition, Jocelyn, which such a big chest and nurses and my first sex teacher # 12 as acting in several porn films revealed several SMS of pornography and his dream of sex with a woman before you Woods have.

What is he feeling that he (Allen), Allen has made a situation that she feels like her husband can not imagine the destruction and I do not know 'said.

No wonder if Ellen and her children "time" when first time Sunday to sit with reporters yesterday Woods. Allen and children to go sailing along the coast of Florida, a private boat access privacy "name."

"Tiger Invite" was not, the source said. He said, "was that he (Woods) is very angry and with a sense of anarchy for a week" said.

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