April 2, 2010

Copenhagen Accord Less Effective

The agreement is an agreement in Copenhagen (California) is less effective because of the lack of commitment to them. The countries participating in the agreement struck only (note). If you want to connect as the deal is legally binding.

Royal Military Police in Bandung Artauli policy development and review of Tobing from the foreign ministry said the president of the California of the United Nations (UN) on the outcome of climate change Conference of the Parties - 15 or 15 Conference on 7-19 December 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark and held.

California has a deal with his note to the application of the ban did not apply. Is it to combat a non-binding for the global effort to the effects of climate change in order to achieve some effects. Despite the weaknesses in the preparation of California, Indonesia has welcomed the deal. This has resulted in the COP 15 parties in several other steps.

offer of limiting the increase in global temperature of 2 degrees Celsius, and the obligation of developed countries in the period 2010-2012 budget of 30 billion dollars, decided that it is a step forward. In addition, a change attempt to deal with the effects of climate change, the role of management in the forests of Indonesia accepted 15 proposals submitted to the Conference of the Parties.

It is believed that Indonesia faced the employees themselves. Appropriate measures for climate protection in the Indonesian national government (Nama), the national efforts to tackle climate change have been given include.

Proactive and Indonesia reached to 26 percent of the voluntary emissions by 2010 by 41 percent or less committed this funding round will receive support from abroad. Reflected praised the commitment of many parties and various bilateral aid commitments, such as England, Germany, Italy, Japan, and received support from both sides.

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