April 7, 2010

Record BMKG SR 7.2, SR 7.7 USGS

Powerful earthquake people who lived in the northern region of Sumatra island. Bureau of meteorology, climate and Sinabang Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam on the island earthquake registering magnitude geophysics, 7.2 SR The same, while the United States Geological Survey geologist for the 7.7 SR. U.S. Geological Survey of  in the past to record a 7.8 magnitude.

They also felt that negotiations affairs department Darussaam earthquake in the province on Wednesday (7/4/2010), 05:15 Riau, Dumai, Bengkalis and Rokan Hilir am in coastal areas in the city. Reported the shock and felt the earthquake zone. Began their homes when the earthquake happened, which lasted until about two or three minutes to spread out the population was. Some hotel guests even more quickly saw himself visitors JW Marriot Hotel on Road Medan Putri Hijau including save.

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