March 8, 2010

Gossip peeling Other Side

The concept is linked to negative rumors. But the world of psychology, whispering as good neighbors may gossip is part of human life. Psychologist Frank McAndrew that Knox College, and professor. That as human beings, we have access with others in the group with age and gender. After searching this group, maintaining the integrity of your desire. This type of shared stories and gossip. Complete theoretical explanation of the study conducted McAndrew. Here are some of them:

To create a trust. Sharing personal stories, a common conviction was filed. And if we, as a listener, a chat to us the mysteries of the method to solve other people's.

Add intimacy. McAndrew said that if we hear of friends who believe that created a connection between our psychological. That's what makes us the outside, a man like not to think about some of the secret. Break the ice. Believe it or not, but famous people with a powerful weapon for us, is the light Who is this man, the media may include hard to start. McAndrew called "specific energy." One thing in common sense, two people, and that almost was not known so well.

Controls. McAndrew believes gossip is our way of turning himself can not act outside the rules of society.

For training. But after all that we hear so much information that is not necessarily remember that it's true. What truth and what is just a rumor, we need to filter. Positive and negative effects. The reason why, Hcsrno understanding.

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