April 21, 2010

Reduced wind Pun Start

And global warming and the decline of wind speed and thus influence the development of alternative energy sources wind energy cause. Since 1973, global average air speed reduction, and the decline of 10 percent. And 10 percent reduction in wind speed caused 30 percent reduction in energy production. Northern hemisphere and the south wind, the surface than water ice on the surface wind speed increased flows into the lake of ice in the lake due to a reduction in speed degradation.

Moreover, because global warming, the Arctic land any more rapid heating creates a high level, so that low temperature and pressure differences between the poles, and make sure the equator and low wind speed. Indonesia, and even developing countries that was not enough wind speed (PLTB), that there are constant winds are coming.

Areas that usually far too high wind speeds will use the power of the population are so there is no restriction for the transfer of power. Currently U.S. (United States contribution of wind energy), and a percentage of national electricity needs requirements, built in 2030 was estimated to contribute 20 percent of banks reached 20 percent. Foreign and development plans for 350 MW in the United States and Europe, three million dollar investment cost per MW PLTB MW by 1100.

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tikno said...
April 23, 2010 at 4:31 AM

Indeed climate change has become global issue. There is group people who still sceptic.

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