May 11, 2010

Weather Effect on Sleep Quality

Earth's temperature is rising due to global warming, many people can affect sleep quality. Of course, the hormone melatonin, sleep introduction will be manufactured at low body temperature. Weather warm and bright light and melatonin to prevent problems caused by people and sleep questionable. Hormone melatonin, and of course to nine hours per night from nearby come with a low body temperature. Therefore, sleep in the cold and quiet sleep more when we sleep easy and organized.

In fact, melatonin in the body to a natural human biological clock controls the sleep hormone produced. This article was produced only when it is dark. It provides that melatonin is a "warning" of the body that the individual led to the relaxation and drowsiness and sleep to know that toward morning, and increases body temperature and low melatonin production, so we woke up. Teens and adults, melatonin-production every night, 5-25 micrograms of the body. The concentration decreases with age. Difficulties that older people suffer from sleep disorders have many surprises.

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