May 14, 2010

Voyager 2 space shuttle was hijacked an Alien?

Voyager 2 is uncertain, the United States, the August 20, 1977, 33 years old began unmanned aircraft.  Therefore, the recent form of Voyager 2 sends a message to the United States space agency NASA scientists can not read.  It has been said that the plane had been hijacked alias alien alien NASA had sent a reply message. As is known, according to astronomer Stephen Hawking, the famous pop group The Beatles by NASA in space as the song had to send a signal.  A Across the Universe "song entitled (the" Across the Universe).  "The program or 2 sailors kidnapped anyone, but we sure do not know exactly what happened to him," he said, foreign experts like, page Daily Telegraph, 12 loads, such as Hartwig Hausdorf, May 2010. Currently, an engineer to send data to Voyager 2 - which is located on the edge of the solar system trying to view, is.

And surprisingly, Voyager 2 last month, when the aircraft as a bill of 8.6 billion miles from Earth before the data was sent to retrieve. Data is unreadable.  During the Voyager 2 was programmed collect data about your health, so that engineers on the ground to be improved please send it to be a problem. Passengers from their debut (2) and her twin 1 Sailor Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune since the discovery.  Two travelers, this is a man with jets patrolling in full.  Voyager 1 Now 10.5 billion kilometers from Earth is expected within five years heliosfer bubble level built into the sun and stars across the solar system path.  In between, the twin Voyager 2 have developed operates.

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June 23, 2010 at 5:14 PM

This story is unreadable. The syntax is very confusing.

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