May 14, 2010

Studies Find Lizard Face Extinction Due to global warming

The international team of biologists in a lizard population extinction due to high temperatures was discovered patterns terrible, and if present trends continue, Orchid 20 percent of long-extinct species at the latest by 2080 is expected. The study is scheduled for broadcast on Friday in the journal Science. Orchid researchers, Santa Cruz, the main population of this inquiry at the University of California Barry Sinervo, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology led to postgraduate study on the effects of high temperatures in lizards, and their findings to develop new patterns of extinction predicted. Models, exactly five continents - North and South America, Europe, Africa and Australia, where he studied lizards predicted population extinction in a particular directory.

The expectations of the municipalities have the possibility of extinction is based, and extinction, estimated that six percent in 2080 and 2050 around 20 percent. "We have to show a lot of work on the field and validate models, that the risk of extinction due to climate change," says Sinervo. "Nothing like this is a loss of habitat is not disturbed and caused all these sites, national parks or other protected, most of these animals .." Scientists say that since the extinction popluasi directly related to climate change Orchid, the extent of global warming on the production of carbon dioxide leads very important for the future, a wave of extinction of a lizard is Avoid. pembayaran gaji ke-13

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