June 19, 2010

Create a life filled with laughter Young

Laugh out loud, one of the best and easiest way daily press, which often interfere with our health payment method. This means that and we laugh, and the health of our bodies and minds.

Old thinking says that we do not laugh, but if there was something strange. Also, not everyone is a born joker. Sense of humor or not, it is determined by genes. However, reality is not so. Recent studies show laughter each day and can be trained. Burke opinion it's me, Loma Linda University world.

Through his research, and Burke are not separate or rich laugh, which was expected in the past that are still recuperating, the 26 percent bad cholesterol (LDL) levels lower.

Moreover, even laughter can reduce CRP levels. The protein, which is a measure of risk is part of the person with diabetes and heart problems. High levels of C-reactive protein, and high risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Therefore, diligent to laugh even though nothing is really funny that can cause us laughing. Laugh for the little things or to joke that we have ever heard before.

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