August 4, 2010

Alert to the tsunami sun

Residents of the earth prompted alert to the tsunami sun . This wave is expected to hit the earth after the great explosion around the sun. Warning was delivered by scientists of the National Space Agency of the United States (U.S.) or NASA yesterday. Prediction scientists say, the tsunami crashed into the earth sun happened yesterday, but no official report on the effect. Scientists warning came after satellite Solar Dynamics Laboratory observe solar activity.

Fire explosions called coronal mass is expected to boost the middle toward the earth. Tsunami waves of fire could spread as far as the sun is 93 million miles on the rows of the galaxy. This eruption was approaching us, scientists from Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics, or CFA. According to him, the fire will cause tsunami sun light spectacular along the northern and southern polar auroras. Despite looks beautiful, the people of the earth remain vigilant requested.

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