July 13, 2009

Painted Shoes

If you are reluctant to paint your own, get a T-shirt painting or painted shoes are not so difficult. In addition to selling equipment painting, stalls in Abu Djumhur Art Market Taman Sari can also create a T-shirt and appropriate shoes painted as desired. While initially only a T-shirt. However, later ordering more t-shirts according to Abu exclusive, because peminatnya less. Consumer order more shoes painting.

"T-shirt rather exclusive, even more of a message painted shoes until overwhelmed," he said at the time found in the exhibition standnya Pesona Kriya Manggala Siliwangi Graha Bandung, Jalan Aceh. However, Abu could not break down how many shoes painting ordered each week.

Shoes that are painted white casual shoes of canvas cloth. Shoes-shoes are purchased directly from manufacturers. "Cat in the painted colors of light. If the color should be dark in the first block," said Abu. Not only for women, but there are also for men. Various patterns and motifs are available, consumers choose to stay only the desired patterns.

If the order must be patient because the shoes will not be available at that time also. Consumers have to wait up to four days until the shoe is so. In Abu pembuatannya already mendelegasikan on three colleagues. In addition to the many orders, according to Abu ever making is also influenced by the supply of shoes that are experiencing delays.

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